Zoo celebrates births of SEVEN Cheetah cubs!

The team at Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia are celebrating a very rare occurrence! According to their Facebook post, Vaila, a second-time Cheetah mom, gave birth to 7 cheetah cubs on November 30! They add, "This is a very special birth to us because not only is it a big boost for cheetah conservation by increasing the captive population, but also a cheetah having 7 cubs at once only happens 1% of the time!"

Check out a video below of the ADORABLE little cheetahs... they're soo fluffy!! 

The zoo continued on Facebook, "The cheetah is Africa’s most endangered cat, and the wild population has drastically declined from 100,000 to only 7,000 individuals. Since 2013, the Metro Richmond Zoo has launched massive efforts in cheetah conservation and has had 9 litters born with a total of 47 cubs. The zoo works with both The Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Zoological Association of America cheetah conservation management programs."

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