No iconic Candy Hearts for sale this Valentines Day

I always wonder how different candies became the staple of our holidays... Candy Canes for Christmas, Candy Corn for Halloween, Peeps or Cadbury Eggs for Easter, and of course, candy hearts for Valentines Day! Well for the first time in 153 years, we will be unable to enjoy the classic crunchy candy this Valentines. 

The company that has made Sweethearts since 1901, Necco, went out of business last year. The Spangler Candy Company acquired the rights but were unable to get production up and going in time to send out the hearts to stores this year. But worry not, they WILL be back on shelves next Valentines. They'll just be even better when you've had to wait longer to enjoy them, right??

OR if you simply cannot go a year without Sweethearts for Valentines, Ebay and Amazon have options, like this seller.