Teen girl intentionally causes crash to save another driver

While driving, you've probably noticed that some drivers are much less attentive than they should be behind the wheel. Not Olivia Jones, a high school senior in Clearwater, Florida. Her attentiveness possibly saved someones life. 

Olivia said she was driving 2 days before Christmas when she was stopped at a red light and noticed the driver beside her. “I thought she was texting because she was looking straight down. And then she started seizing,” Jones recalled. The drivers car was beginning to roll out into traffic when the teen knew she had to act quick. “I opened my door and told people behind me that she was having a seizure, but nobody seemed to care or want to help so I pulled in front of her and let her hit the back of my car,” she said. 

Olivia called 911 and the fire department arrived within two minutes to help. She now affectionately refers to the dent in her back bumper as her “memory bump”.

Olivia has aspirations to study the medical field while in College, she said she "wants to save people". It definitely seems saving people comes natural to her! We should all take after Olivia and pay this much attention while on the road.

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