'Super Wolf Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse Visible from Sacramento this weekend

You can view an amazing celestial event this Sunday night from the Sacramento area! A Super Wolf Blood Moon will be in total eclipse on January 20 and will be most visible in the United States.

It gets even better, the eclipse will last over an hour and you don't have to stay up late to catch it! Below is a chart showing the eclipse visibility in Sacramento - by 8:41pm on Sunday the moon will be fully eclipsed and will last until 9:43. Maximum eclipse is at 9:12.

To read more about visibility in Sacramento, click right here. To learn about eclipse visibility in any other location, click right here! 

Now WHY is it called a Super Wolf Blood Moon? CBS explains the origins:

  • Supermoon – when a Full Moon is at perigee, or it’s closest approach to Earth
  • Wolf Moon – the name given to the January Full Moon
  • Blood Moon – the reddish tint during a lunar eclipse as sunlight is filtered and refracted by Earth’s atmosphere – the exact shade varies based on the particulates in the atmosphere

Now if you remember the big SOLAR eclipse we experienced in 2017, you might be wondering if you need to wear protective eye wear to view this lunar eclipse. Space.com assures us that, no, protective eye wear is not needed because the moon isn't bright enough to damage our eyes like the sun. 

Space.com also states that this will be the ONLY total lunar eclipse visible from the United States until November 8, 2022 - so make sure you take advantage and soak in this amazing celestial experience on Sunday night! 

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