Carnival Cruise line to open San Francisco base

I went on a Carnival cruise to Mexico in 2016 and it was such a fun trip! I would absolutely go on another cruise - when I retire it's on my bucket list to do one of those massive 3 month European cruises. The only downside was that on top of paying for our travel on the ship, we had to pay for a roundtrip flight to LA where the ship was docked AND pay for a hotel the night before the boat left so we could make sure we were on time. Wouldn't it be awesome if that added expense was gone??

Well lucky for us Northern Californians, Carnival Cruise plans to open a base in San Francisco in 2020. The ship will make rounds to Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii. 

Now of course, there are already some cruise line options that depart out of SF, including the popular Princess Cruise line. But who doesn't love more options???

Carnival will offer trips that range in length from four to 15 days. The cruises from San Francisco include four day "long weekend" trips (Thursday to Monday) to Ensenada, Mexico; longer five and six day sailings that go to Ensenada, Catalina and San Diego; a 15-day cruise leaving April 15, 2020, that visits several destinations in the Hawaiian Islands; and a series of 10-day summer cruises to Alaska.

Even though I was born in Alaska, I have always wanted to explore more of it by sea!

Learn more about Carnival's San Francisco launch by clicking right here.

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