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What do Californians Google the most on Christmas Day?

A new study looked at Google data to determine what each state disproportionately Googles the most on Christmas Day!

And I have to say... California's is veryyyy Californian.

Apparently, we Google "Is Starbucks open on Christmas?" A LOT. 

Our neighbors in Nevada are right there with us on the Christmas coffee cravings. And even though I think we can all agree that Starbucks employees deserve the day off with their family just as much as we do... if you want the answer to that question... YES, Starbucks WILL be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - BUT with limited hours that vary by location so check with your regular spot to confirm.

Now let's get to some of the weirder Google findings...

Ohio apparently has a lot of naughty kids, because their top search was "where to buy coal"

Rhode Island has lonely Christmases :( they simply google "Tinder" 

Texas doesn't want anyone getting in the way of their cheer! So they Google "Is the Grinch real??"

And poor Alaska... they don't even know what Christmas means. No really, they Google "what is Christmas" 

And alas, the MOST Googled thing on Christmas Day across America is..... "" because we just CAN'T STOP SHOPPING. 

Read the other state's Christmas Googling habits by clicking here.

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