CoverGirl goes totally Cruelty Free!!

I rarely make New Years Resolutions, and if I do, I make sure it's something I can actually stick with. Well, back in January I decided to go entirely cruelty free. That means I make sure that no beauty products I use were ever tested on animals. No shampoos, no moisturizers, no makeup

 I think you would be surprised to learn just how many cosmetic and beauty brands still test on animals, it was shocking for me to learn. I had to cut out brands that I LOVED, especially "drugstore" makeup brands like Maybelline, but even higher-end brands that I enjoyed like Clinque didn't make the cut. Some brands are iffy because they state that they dont test on animals in AMERICA, but they DO sell their products in China where animal testing is REQUIRED. I stay away from those brands as well, I go for 100% cruelty free, zero testing on animals.

Which is why I am over the moon happy to learn that COVERGIRL HAS JUST BEEN CERTIFIED CRUELTY FREE!!!! This is HUGE because CoverGirl is one of the biggest, longest running cosmetic companies in the world and now they are the LARGEST CRUELTY FREE BRAND!

 I will note however that CoverGirl's parent company, Coty, which owns A LOT OF BRANDS, has made a commitment to go entirely cruelty free by 2020. Some cruelty free makeup users would argue that if their parent company is not totally cruelty free that the individual brand is not either, but I am choosing to look at this at a big step forward and choose to support CoverGirl now. It's about voting with your dollars right! 

I love having affordable makeup options but my resolution made it muchhhh harder to shop in the Drugstore section of Ulta. Now, I can pick up new CoverGirl goodies and keep my conscious. EAZY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL! 

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