My Costumes of Halloweens Past

I'm not going to lie to you - I did not get very creative with my Halloween costume this year. I'm not wearing it til tonight so if you wanna see it, follow me on instagram @amandaisonair, but in the meantime I had fun looking back at my costumes throughout college and the last couple years! I'll start with my favorite costume EVER. I handmade a corset out of playing cards to be the Queen of Hearts in 2014. It looked AWESOME but later in the night, the rain destroyed it. At least I have this pic! My best friend Dane was my Cheshire Cat

I was also a big fan of this SpiderWOMAN costume I found at Goodwill!! I wish I kept it and used it later on, cause I dont care about repeat costumes and this was so cute with spiderweb tights. I also went as Taylor Swift during the daytime this year, and I think I got her look in the 22 music video pretty spot on. 

I don't have a great pic of it, but I made a pretty cute Tinkerbell costume in 2015! This one was EASY! Find a green dress, cut the bottom so there's triangles, put a white puff on the toe of some flats, fairy wings, hair in a bun and BAM! Doesnt hurt to have pixie dust too :) 

aaaand then for the past two years I have been super lazy about planning a costume and just went with cute dresses and cool face makeup. 

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