Get your pair of "Skin Heels" for only $10,000

This one really freaked me out and it's definitely unBULLievable that anyone would WANT to wear these. Let alone pay $10,000 for them!! They are called SKIN HEELS and they are basically an optical illusion to make it look like a point is coming out of the bottom of your heel. I have the heebeejeebees. 

These Human Skin Heels started as a Photoshop interpretation for a magazine shoot, but then they decided to ACTUALLY make them. They are made of silicon, are thigh high, and made to resemble the wearers actual legs. Because they are custom made, the price tag is steeeeep. 

The company that's creating them are known for their odd and outlandish style and fashions. They say the Skin Heels are "a physical incarnation of what Fecal Matter (the company) believes humans might look like as a result of social media ideals and body modification." 

They plan to make a more affordable version of the shoes, maybe even different styles. One thing is for sure, you will DEFINITELY turn heads walking down the street in these things. 

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