Jimmy Johns Driver takes ailed Veteran to hospital

We all know Jimmy John's for their Freaky Fast sandwich delivery, but the location in Columbus, Nebraska decided to step up and deliver something else in a time of need: an ailed veteran to the hospital. 

It started when Army Veteran Greg Holeman called his sister, Lisa, who had just flown back to Florida after her brother had a risky surgery. Unfortunately, when Lisa landed, Greg called in panic saying he couldn't feel his leg. 

Greg wasn't sure who else to call because he didn't have money for a taxi and didn't think his insurance covered the expensive ambulance ride. Lisa, not knowing who else to call for help, attempted to reach Greg's social worker. What she didn't know, is that she mistakenly called the local Jimmy John's.

The manager, Jason Voss, did not immediately tell her the mix up - he just listened. Jason said, "The whole time I pretty much knew that she didn't know she was talking to someone from Jimmy John's. It didn't seem important to really bring it up, but I just wanted to make sure that she knew I was going to help her." 

And that's what he did. He sent out one of his drivers, Zach, who went to Greg's home, picked him up and took him to the hospital. It sounds like Greg is going to be just fine, and you can read Lisa's post about the whole situation, and her gratitude towards Jason and Zach, below. Way to step up gentlemen!! 

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