Bride purposely plumped her Bridesmaids without their knowledge

All I could think while reading this is "some poor man just married this terrible woman". 

A woman in Australia has revealed that she purposely fattened up her two bridesmaids in the months before her wedding so that she could look skinnier next to them in photos!! Here's the kicker... the two bridesmaids are also her SISTERS. 

She contributed to an entire article about the situation but no matter her arguments of feeling inferior to her sisters, this is still so cruel and insane to me. 

In the months before her wedding, the bride would mix "weight loss smoothies" for her and her sisters... but what they didn't know is that instead of ingredients to help them shed weight... she filled them with bodybuilding weight GAINING powder. She admits that in the month leading up to the wedding she even gave them TRIPLE the recommended serving!!! All so that she could feel skinny next to them in photos. If that is not the definition of selfish, I don't know what is. This woman needs professional help. 

She says she feels "a twinge of guilt" but mostly she feels happy when she looks at the photos from her big day. I understand wanting to look your best on your wedding day, but not at other people's (especially your own family's) expense!! 

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