Motivational Speaker Rachel Hollis in Sacramento

Fall is such a good time to get a dose of inspiration and motivation. A lot of people agree with me - motivational speaker Rachel Hollis sold out her October 28 SelfE event at St Francis Catholic High School! Lucky for YOU, we have your chance to WIN SOLD OUT TICKETS by clicking right here

If you aren't familiar with Rachel Hollis, she's a New York Times Best Selling Author, in fact her book "Girl, Wash Your Face" spent a whopping 17 weeks on the Best Seller List. And she might have another best seller on her hands - her new book "Girl, Stop Apologizing" drops in March. 

Rachel said, of her book's success, to USA Today, "It’s beyond expectation and it is entirely because of this tribe of women who have rallied behind it and keep pushing it into their social feeds, and telling their friends and buying it for their mom, and just passing it around. It is the highest high I have ever experienced because it feels like this lifetime of working for something and all of a sudden it’s beyond what I could have imagined." Empowered women empower women - that's what Rachel is all about! 

Oh, she's also a TV personality, podcast host, CCO of the self-founded Hollis Company and a mother of four! Girl's got a lot going on and a LOT of inspiration to share on how to be your best self. 

Don’t miss this event! Order your video stream of Rachel Hollis live in Sacramento here.

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