Ed Sheeran attends Devin Dawson's Bluebird Cafe Debut

It's so exciting when you see two of your favorite artists showing love for each other, or even better, collaborating!! This is a treat somewhere in between those 2 - because Ed Sheeran showed up to Devin Dawson's Bluebird Cafe Debut in Nashville on Tuesday!!

Devin was there performing along with  Jillian Jacqueline, David Hodges (formerly of Evanescence) and British singer-songwriter Amy Wadge - the later, Amy, co-wrote a pretty big song with Ed Sheeran, called Thinking Out Loud!! Ed surprised the crowd by performing it with Amy that night! 

It's even more cool that Ed spent the evening at Bluebird - because most people expected him to be at the American Music Awards, considering he was nominated 6 times.

Check out the awesome videos and posts below from Amy, Devin, and the Bluebird!

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