Sac State's Rare, Stinky "Corpse Flower" Blossomed

I first read about "Corpse Flowers" a couple years back  - the LARGE, rare plant that only blossoms every couple years (can take up to 10 years just to for it to flower the first time from planting!) and when it does open up it STINKS, BAD for about 36 hours. And people love to come sniff and gag, just to experience it for themselves.

Well you can do that! But you probably only have tonight. That's because a Corpse Flower at Sacramento State blossomed yesterday! But like I said, the stank only sticks for 24-36 hours so hurry in! Sac State's plant has not blossomed since 2015 so it might be a while before you can experience this rarity in Sacramento again! And if you're wondering WHY it smells so bad, here's a good read for you.