M&Ms announce 2 new candies that sound AMAZING

I grew up on M&Ms, they were ALWAYS in our house. My parents both love them so naturally, I did too. I'm more classic M&M than peanut M&M but my FAVORITES are either the mini M&Ms (why are mini things always better???) or the caramel ones O-M-G.. I can destroy a bag of caramel M&Ms. 

But the NEW M&Ms that Mars just announced are a GAME CHANGER. Are you ready??..... HAZELNUT SPREAD M&MS ARE COMING. That's right, NUTELLA and M&Ms combined into one hybrid ultra candy. 

That's not the only new goodie M&Ms announced. They will be turning their classic M&M varieties into CANDY BAR FORM! Peanut, almond, crispy, and classic chocolate M&Ms (even mini ones!) will all get a candy bar version!!

Only bummer about this news is that the new candies aren't planned to hit store shelves until April 2019, so really they're just being cruel and teasing us right now. 

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