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Yuba City native Tyler Rich to drop EP

We've always been big supports of Tyler Rich - not just because he's from our neck of the woods, Yuba City - but because he is simply a fantastic musician and songwriter! And a wonderfully nice guy as well.

We are SO stoked that Tyler is dropping his EP on Friday September 21!! Along with his hit song The Difference, the EP will feature 3 other songs - check out the tracklist and co-writers below (I see some biggg names!)

Tyler Rich EP Track List

1. “The Difference” | Written by Rhett Akins, Ben Burgess, Devin Dawson, Jacob Durrett

2. “Adrenaline” | Written by Tyler Rich, Jordan Baum, Johan Lindbrandt, Michael McNamara

3. “11:11” | Written by Andrew Dorff, Jon Nite, Lindsay Rimes

4.“Take It Or Leave It” | Written by Tyler Rich, Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis

In a press release Tyler shared, “I’m beyond ecstatic to finally get my debut EP out to the world after all of the time we spent writing and creating! I believe these first few songs really show who I am as an artist and what fans can expect out on the road.”

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