Ben & Jerry's is selling their Cookie Dough chunks

If I'm gonna have ice cream, 98% of the time it's Cookie Dough ice cream. I could eat raw cookie dough every day (don't @ me with salmonella concerns, I've been doing this for 26 years and havent gotten sick yet sooo I'll risk it) but my one complaint with cookie dough ice cream is that it's NEVER ENOUGH COOKIE DOUGH!!! It should be like a .... 60/40 ice cream to cookie dough ratio in my professional opinion, but most of the time its like a 90/10 ratio and that ain't enough dough! I WANT THE DOUGH!!!

Well I saw today that Ben and Jerry's has packaged their cookie dough chunks and is selling them in bags!!! B&J's Innovation Manager Jody Eley said, “We’re bringing cookie dough to our Vermont shops to start. If it does well, it may be available online and in other distribution channels later this year." Vermont, I swear.. you better not mess this up for the rest of us. 

The packaging says to keep it frozen, and that it's the same exact cookie dough chunks we know and love from B&J's ice cream!! They have classic chocolate chip, and even peanut butter dough! A press release from B&J's said the dough is "safe to consume raw because they’re made with pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour."

You betcha I'll keep you posted if this expands out of Vermont. Man now my sweet tooth is screaming at me and I want cookie dough RIGHT NOW

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