Amanda Surprises a Brantley Gilbert Superfan

Last month on July 23, I posted a video for National Tattoo Day talking about the meaning behind my own tattoos, and asking listeners to share theirs! One of our listeners who shared hers was Corrina. She has Brantley Gilbert's logo on her wrist and explained that his music and story really meant a lot to her, but she hadn't gotten to show him the tattoo or tell him in person what he means to her yet.

That really resonated with me because I actually have a tattoo in Taylor Swift's handwriting, and I finally got to show her the tattoo this past May! Her journey has really motivated me and I look up to her so much, so finally getting to tell her that in person is a memory I'll never forget. 

I wanted to give Corrina that same kind of amazing memory... check out our phone call below. 

Amanda Surprises Corrina

I'm so excited for Corrina to meet Brantley this Friday at his show with Kid Rock at Toyota Amphitheater and finally show him her tattoo!! 

Also - if you want to attend that show, we have a couple ways for you to win your way in! Score a pair of tickets AND backstage passes to meet Brantley by clicking right here.

OR Listen to myself 10-3, and Chris Matthews 3-7p, each day this week to win a 4-pack of concert tickets! To score mine, simply listen to our TWO HOUR COMMERCIAL FREE BULLRIDE 11:30-1:30 each day this week - I will play a Kid Rock or a Brantley Gilbert song sometime in the Bullride, be caller 9 when you hear it and WIN! 

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