Recap: Tim and Faith at Golden1 Center!

Ohhhh my goodness, last night was a special one. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill wrapped up their MASSIVE Soul2Soul World Tour right here at our Golden1 Center. That fact alone is a big deal, considering this tour was over a year long, and was the highest grossing country tour OF ALL TIME. And they chose to end it HERE!! That says so much about our city and our country music fans.

One guy who was very proud of that was Devin Dawson. Of course, Sacramento is Devin's hometown, and he's been opening a good chunk of Tim and Faith's recent tour dates. I got to catch up with him before the show - last time I saw him was the day I moved to Sac! January 19... also his album release party for Dark Horse at Goldfield. Anyways, Devin had a lot to say about how amazing this tour has been, and he even came up with customized gifts for Tim and Faith each. I won't share what those are out of respect for Dev, but I'm hoping that either he or Tim or Faith share it eventually because WOW it's incredibly thoughtful of him. And of course, they had a surprise for him too. An all black, gorgeous acoustic guitar which he played during his set last night! 

So I don't have the photo yet, but I did get to say hi to Tim and Faith backstage before their set!! Which was BIG for me, right up there with meeting Keith, because I grew up listening to Tim and Faith. I saw Tim yearsssss ago, like when I was 8 or something, at the Oregon Jamboree. Something Like That will FOREVER be one of my favorite Country songs. So it was pretty surreal seeing them stand in front of me. And they looked AMAZING. No joke. Straight out of a magazine photoshoot. Faith was wearing a gorgeous lavender silk gown, and Tim was wearing a grey suit with lavender shirt to match Faith. I also told Tim how we share a last name and he said "Hey maybe we're related, there's not that many of us!" Soooo basically I'll be calling him Uncle Tim now. 

Onto their set!! (read below the photo - which may be the best photo I've ever taken at a show, ever.)

First of all, their production and lighting was top notch. I'm a concert nerd so I really appreciate those details. And of course, they both sounded incredible. I loved how they performed together, then each got their time in the spotlight for their hits. You could tell that they were really soaking in their final night of tour - especially during Tim's performance of Live Like You Were Dying. He let the crowd sing most of the choruses for him as he took our his earpiece and just listened to the voices singing back his iconic song. Below is a clip toward the end of that song where he hits an insanely long note!!! Keep scrolling for my fav part of their set... 

My favorite moment of the night happened just before their encore. Images of Tim and Faith and their family through the years flashed on the giant screen behind them, and it was very moving. Seeing the strength of their love for each other is inspiring. Check out a handful of the background photos they used by clicking through the Instagram post below. 

And see Tim and Faith saying goodbye to the Soul2Soul tour by clicking here. 

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