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Meeting Keith Urban + Visiting Denver

So I had originally planned on seeing Keith Urban's Graffiti U World Tour this Saturday in Tahoe - but then I got an offer to go hang in Denver for the weekend AND see Keith! I'd never been to Denver, so I hopped on the opportunity! I figured I could see the show - then report back if I thought it was worth the drive to Mountain View on Friday or Tahoe on Saturday or Sunday for his show...... Well, obviously, my conclusion is that this tour is SO WORTH THE DRIVE.

Though to be fair, Keith won me over before I even saw him perform. Now let me tell you, I've been a Keith fan for a longgg time. Long as I can remember. And this was my FIRST time seeing him! I was so lucky to get to meet him before he took the stage.

Before you ask - YES he smelled great! He didn't earn the title of Best Smelling Man in Country for nothin'. But besides this scent - he was genuinely very sweet. Remember how I was embarrassed for initiating a hug with Kenny Chesney? Not a prob with Keith, he swoops in for a hug upon greeting you (not saying anything bad about Kenny BTW, some artists are huggers and some are not!!) Also, I could listen to Keith talk all day, that accent! But my favorite moment meeting Keith is when we were taking our photo and he said "I feel like when I'm on the red carpet with Nic" - yes that's his very famous wife Nicole Kidman that he compared me too. NBD. #TallBlondesClub

See below our photo for more on his show....

ALRIGHT.. onto the live show! First - miss Kelsea Ballerini opens. Also my first time seeing her perform! She's so ADORABLE. And her voice sounded for realsies PERFECT. I was already a fan of her music but man for as young as she is, she has her live show DOWN PACT. We hung out with Kels backstage as well and she complimented my outfit which was like, major for me, cause I don't consider myself fashionable. Kelsea on the otherhand.. very fashionable. I LOVED her look - blinged out Gucci top, crop shorts, and equally sparkly high heel ankle boots. 

Now for Keith's set!! OMG!!!!!!

I knew he would sound good - that's a given. But his stage production is fantastic on this tour. Huge screens that show close ups of him throughout the set - which I always appreciate because I want everyone in the venue to feel like they can really soak in that Keith Freaking Urban is up there. Great set list - a mix of old hits and new favorites like Coming Home, Parallel Line, and others off Graffiti U. But above all - you can tell that Keith has a BLAST on stage and genuinely loves performing. (PS. in the instagram post linked above, you can click to the right and see videos of his show!!) And he LOVES reading the signs people make for him! He gave a bunch of birthday shoutouts, and even spotted a woman with a sign that said "I want to floss with Keith" (not actual flossing, the viral dance move, in case you didnt know) And it ACTUALLY WORKED! Keith brought her on stage and did the dance with her!


And if you wanna hear more about my experience in Denver... 

I really loved that city. Cool architecture, ate great food, beautiful scenery. My only complaint is that is was over 100 on Saturday at Keith's show, then on Sunday we had dugout seats for a Rockies v Mariners game at Coors Light Field... aaaand it POURED RAIN. It was freezing. So moral of the story, I never wanna hear anyone complain about Sac's bipolar weather after experiencing Denver's! Though my view from the flight made up for it - I highly recommend a window seat on an 8p flight leaving Denver. Dat sunset thoooo

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