Only 3 Country songs have gone Gold in 2018, so far

Now that 2018 is halfway over (yeah, seriously), let's talk about the biggest songs of the year so far! There are 3 standouts - the only 3 Country songs released in 2018 to have reached GOLD status. That's selling over 500,000 copies

Those 3 songs are You Make It Easy by Jason Aldean, Tequila by Dan + Shay, and Mercy by Brett Young

Nash Country Daily details the timelines of each song - with Brett reaching the milestone the fastest! Jason and D+S both released their tracks in January, and hit Gold in May. Brett didn't release Mercy til February and was certified Gold in May BEFORE the other two tracks! Kind of surprising, since Mercy just now entered the top 10 on Country Radio. 

Looking forward to finding out which amazing songs joins these 3 in the glory of Gold for 2018! 

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