I met Kenny Chesney and fangirled a bit too much

On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to see and meet the legendary Kenny Chesney at his show at Harvey's Lake Tahoe. I was pretty dang excited, which I'm sure you can understand - but it led to an awkward moment.  

He was the nicest guy ever, but before we took this photo... I broke one of my own rules when meeting an artist.. never initiate a hug. I use this rule because I don't want to invade an artist's personal space, or assume that because their shaking my hand that entitles me to a hug too. However, when I met Kenny and he put his arm out, my excited brain went "Ooo that means hug him!!".... it did not mean that. It meant he was ready to take our photo!!!

I realized this mid-hug and immediately felt bad that I didn't ask first... But he didn't seem upset, and honestly... if you had the chance to hug Kenny, wouldn't you take it??? 

BTW - if you're looking at this photo and thinking "DANG she is TALL"..... yes, yes I am, and my photos with artists almost always display that. Only artist I've felt short next to was Jon Pardi! 

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