New "Private" Mural in LA for "Influencers" only

A lot of the times, the more exclusive something is, the more people want it. I suppose that's what they were going for with this new mural that was revealed in Downtown LA earlier this week. 

The "City of Angels" mural is guarded by security, covered with a tent, and has signs posted that note only "verified influencers and people with over 20,000 followers only". That's right - only Insta-famous folks are allowed to take a photo. With a wall. 

Something about this just feels so weird and icky. I just feel like art should be for everyone to enjoy!! Why create street art if only a select group is allowed to view it! And the icing on the cake??? The twitter account associated with this mural (as of right now) doesn't even have the follower count to qualify for it's own rules. 

Oh BTW - if you happen to be going to LA and are hella popular online and want your pic - 7753 Melrose Ave is the address. I won't hate on you, promise.... jk I will. 

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