Hawaii Update: Kilauea erupting for over 5 weeks

Saturday marked 5 weeks, or 45 days, of the Kilauea eruption in Hawaii. If you thought it was slowing down, check out the video below, shot by the Hawaii Army National Guard and released to media yesterday. The lava is thinning and moving quicker. Check out the plumes of gas when it hits the ocean at the 2:20 mark!

Unfortunately, that combo causes dangerous particles and 'volcanic glass' to form.. most recently in the form of "golden hair" or "Pele's Hair" - spindly fibers that can cause serious health issues if ingested. Also, very sadly, the lava has now destroyed over 500 homes. It has also claimed legendary landmarks, like the freshwater Green Lake

Another off phenomena of the eruptions - small olivine gemstones are falling from the sky. Many residents left on the Big Island have reported finding the tiny gems

Furthermore, Hawaii has had to up law enforcement and fines to deter folks from wandering into marked off, dangerous territories for the sake of taking photos of the volcano and its destruction. 

Continuing to send love and positive vibes to the residents of Hawaii as we enter week 6 of Kilauea eruptions. 

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