Taylor Swift plays the other woman in new Sugarland video

I'm not exaggerating when I say I've been obsessed with Sugarland's new song Babe since the very first time I heard it. Though I wasn't shocked that I loved it, one of my favorite lyricists/artists of all time WROTE IT! None other than Taylor Swift

When I met Taylor in San Jose on her Reputation Tour, she was asked about being featured on the song she penned but that Sugarland ended up performing. She said she "freaked out" when they asked her to be on the track saying she is "Sugarland's #1 fan girl". 

Apparently she didn't just write the song though - she came up with the idea for the music video too!!

The music video for Babe just dropped and it is too perfect!! I love when a music video truly plays out the story of a song, and this one does just that. Taylor portrays the Other Woman, the mistress of Jennifer Nettle's husband. It doesn't end happily for anyone, but it sure was shot beautifully! 

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