Crocs with built in Socks are a thing now

I actually remember the first time I saw "designer Crocs" - it was these Christopher Kane gemstone crocs in 2016. I was unsettled to see them included in a legit runway fashion show when my mother wears a $6 version from Payless. 

Since then, it's only gotten worse. Like when these $850 Balenciaga Platform Crocs that sold out in MINUTES. 

Now these next ones aren't QUITE as bad I guess, ringing up at $150. A New York street style company called Alife created these all-in-one socks n Crocs combo.

Rob Cristofaro, the label’s founder and chief creative officer said “The tube sock was a staple for me while growing up in New York in the 1970s... The concept was really to take something as next-level as a Croc and mix it with these elements.”

They don't look THE WORST, but.... I immediately thought, "How you gonna wash those socks??"

In other weird shoe news, have you seen these Nike fanny pack slide sandals??? Now THESE... I must admit... I might rock 'em. I HATE carrying any extra weight in the summer, so ditch the purse and put it in your shoes, HA! 

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