Creative Wedding Idea: Flash Tattoos at the Reception

I've never been the girl who has a grand image of her dream wedding in her head - but when I saw this New York Times article about The Wedding Tattooer a couple hired for their big day I knew this was something I would LOOOOVE to have at my wedding some day!

Leslie Merinoff and Brian Kwasienski hired a tattoo artist named Bryce to ink their guests after the ceremony! He created a "menu" of 6 small flash tattoos that guests could choose from, and he would tattoo arms, legs or shoulders. To tattoo as many guests as possible, he brought an assistant to prep and bandage so he can focus on getting the designs on everyone who wants one! 

He charged $1250 to tattoo as many people as he could in 4 hours, with each piece taking 10-15 minutes! That honestly sounds like a great deal to me. 

Even members of the bride and grooms family, like Lindsay Morris and Stephen Munshin who are a couple in their 50s and were without ink before the wedding, decided to take the chair and get tatted! 

My favorite think about getting/having tattoos is the memory each piece carries, so if I were at wedding of someone I really cared about, heck yeaaaaah I would take them up on the offer for a cute little flash piece!! Would you spontaneously get a tattoo at a wedding? 

Check out Bryce (AKA The Wedding Tattooer) on his Facebook page!

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