Explosive conditions worsen on Hawaii's Big Island

I've been keeping up with news updates on Hawaii's Mt Kilauea since it began showing activity in early May. Since then, 19 fissures and continuous earthquakes have caused thousands to evacuate. Now scientists are reporting that this may only be the beginning of the devastation.

The reports say lava levels in the crater are dropping and could soon contact cold groundwater, causing a massive steam explosion that could send rocks the size of cars catapulting into the air. 

An explosion of this size is also causing concern to people on the west coast, as it could trigger earthquakes or even volcanic eruptions in 13 of the most dangerous volcanoes from California up to Washington - AKA the Ring of Fire. 

While plenty of residents have been evacuating the area on the big island, others are more nonchalant - like these golfers who just kept swinging, even with explosions literally right behind them.

The videos below are the craziest footage I've seen of the eruptions thus far. 

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