RECAP: Taylor Swift at Levi's Stadium

Friday night has officially been added to my list of favorite nights everrrr! I have been a huge Taylor Swift fan since I was 15 - I remember making my mom let me play her self titled album on repeat in the car. I've been lucky enough to see her perform 4 times now and I was blown awayyyy by her Reputation tour!

Before the show started I got to go backstage to say hi to Taylor as well as her mom Andrea, who gave us an awesome backstage tour and told us some super fun facts about Taylor's set. The stage for the Reputation tour is the largest touring stage ever built - it is FIVE times bigger than her 1989 tour stage! Over 200 people are on the touring crew, and they hire an additional 300 people locally for every show. And lastly, everything you hear at the Reputation tour is totally LIVE. Taylor's band members have been with her mostly since the beginning, and they have no small feat during this set. There are over 100 instruments involved in Taylor's live set, including over 30 different keyboards and pianos, 3 drum sets, and over 60 string instruments. 

And then we have the Rep Room. Every tour, Taylor's team (including her mom) select people from the audience to go backstage after the show and meet Taylor in a special room! She's had Club Red, The T-Party, and now Rep Room!! Luckily, I got a little preview before her show. I absolutely LOOOOVED the lyric themed drinks, all the snake imagery, the awesome throne, and her outfits from the Look What You Made Me Do music video! Check out some photos below. 

I think its so cool that Taylor's mom Andrea always goes on tour with her. Andrea said on Friday morning Taylor told her she's so happy to be back on tour because she loves seeing everyone's faces, and putting on a good show is how she says 'thank you' to her fans for all their support.

When I was talking to Andrea I told her how grateful I am for all the memories I have at Taylor's shows over the years, (especially because I usually attend her shows with my best friend Dane who has currently been in the Peace Corp for 2 years and this is the first time I saw Tay without him) and Andrea said, "I remember you, you're Amanda" and I won't lie, I got a little emotional. I could not believe she remembered my name after 5 years!! Though last time we met she did tell me I reminded her of Taylor (she always MAKES MY DAY) so maybe that's why. Either way, I love Mama Swift! 

And finally. I'm incredibly lucky to have gotten to meet Taylor as well. I was extra excited because last time I met her, in 2013, I had her write out "fearless" and I later got it tattooed (now part of a quarter sleeve I got goin on) and I got to show her the tattoo on Friday! She couldn't believe she was able to make her handwriting looks so good! We also talked about her new song with Sugarland, since I am obsesseddddd, and she said she was so taken aback when Kristian and Jennifer asked for her vocals on it! She was excited they wanted to record her song because she is the "biggest Sugarland fan girl". 

And of course we have to talk about HER SET. OMG. It was perfect before it even started, because the final song that played before she took the stage was Joan Jett - Reputation. Then she opened the show with Ready For It and End Game back to back, so. good. And the mashups!! She mixed Should've Said No in with Bad Blood and I LOST IT. I never thought I'd hear Should've Said No live!! She also performed Love Story which was a fun throwback! I was so glad she did Blank Space and Wildest Dreams as well. Check out this video of End Game below! And if YOU have any cool photos or videos from her set, tag us on Instagram @BullSacramento so I can see!! I already want to relive this show! 

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