Fox cancels Brooklyn 99 and more

There are VERY FEW current TV shows that I keep up with and watch new episodes of every week, and TWO OF THEM GOT CANCELLED TODAY. Fox is clearly trying to ruin my life. 

The one I am most upset over is Brooklyn 99. BY FAR the funniest show currently on television, and if you slept on it I am incredibly disappointed in you. The cast is incredible, and they somehow manage to teeter serious situations and hilarious antics with perfect balance. For example, check out one of my FAVORITE scenes from the entire series - I PROMISE you will LOL. 

At least I'm not alone and plenty of people on the internet are also very upset with this decision, including Lin-Manuel Miranda and other celebs.

Fox also cancelled The Mick, which I had recently started watching and caught up with on Hulu. It did make me laugh so I'm bummed about that one being cancelled after just 2 seasons. In addition, Fox cancelled Last Man On Earth after 4 seasons. 

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