Scary: Mt. Kilauea erupts in Hawaii, forcing evacuations

Since last night, I have been keeping up with the volcanic activity on Mt. Kilauea - one of Hawaii's largest active volcanoes. At first, lava was starting to burst from the ground, and surrounding homes were evacuated, about 200 people. Here is some pretty crazy drone footage of the lava sputtering from the ground. As of this morning, the volcano has been full-on erupting and over 1700 people are evacuating. 

Here's hoping the eruptions don't harm anyone and the damage to property isn't too bad.... What a scary situation.

Volcano eruptions have always been one of my biggest fears. Ever since my parents let me watch Dante's Peak at the age of 5 (WHYYY), volcanoes have freaked me out, dormant or not. Especially because I was born in Sitka Alaska, home of the now-dormant volcano Mt. Edgecumbe, but which did erupt in 1974.