Cool Apps: How to get the disposable camera filter

After I posted some photos on Instagram last week at the Chris Lane show, I had multiple people ask about how to get the disposable camera filter on photos - so I figured I'd make sure everyone was in the know on the latest hip photo app! It's called Huji cam!

And YES, it's a FREE APP! Though of course there are options to upgrade within the app. In the free version, you have to take the photo within the app - I paid $0.99 to get the feature of uploading photos from your camera roll into the app and then adding the filter, definitely worth it to me. 

You can select whether you want the current date to be stamped on, or theres a 1998 date option, as well as no date (but then how will you trick people into thinking you shoot film photography!!). You can also select if you want just the film filter, or if you want to add random light leaks!! The light leaks are kind of hit or miss and may obscure the subject in the photo, but sometimes they end up reallyyyy cool! Like the one below of our listeners with Chris Lane and Baxter the Backstage Bull - check out that awesome rainbow light leak!! 

This is not a sponsored post, I just think its a really cool app and wanted to share! You can check it out in the Apple App store by clicking here

Here's some more photos using the app, that I took at The Crocker Museum of Art!

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