#BTeam member Zoe shaves her head & The Bull surprises her!

If you've been listening to the Bobby Bones show over the last couple weeks, maybe you've heard about a girl named Zoe San Miguel. She's a freshman at Oakmont High in Roseville and was working hard to raise money for St. Baldrick's Childhood Cancer Research. The person who raised the most money in her class was going to shave their head in front of the whole school!

Well, Zoe's mom Krystal reached out to our amazing morning show host Bobby Bones, and with his donation plus his mentions of Zoe on air, she raised over $2,775! I wrote another blog post which included audio links of Bobby putting Zoe on air! Check it out here. 

Today, April 6, I got to visit Oakmont to show my support for Zoe! Check out this video of her getting her head shaved (doesn't it look awesome?? I love her new look!) aaaand we had a little surprise for her too... check it out in the video below! 

Special thanks to Zoe, her mom Krystal, Mr. Moore at Oakmont High, and of course Bobby Bones and all the #BTeam members who donated! 

Zoe's first photo post-shave!! 

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