Ed Sheeran asks judge to drop Tim & Faith lawsuit

Ed Sheeran is an undeniable superstar in many realms of music - including songwriting. Not only has he written major pop anthems for other artists (you might remember a little song called Love Yourself sang by some guy named Justin Bieber) but he's ventured into Country as well! Keith Urban dropped Ed-penned Parallel Lines back in January - but it's a song for Tim and Faith that Ed is speaking out about now.

Ed, as well as Tim and Faith, were all named in a songwriting lawsuit in January over their chart topping hit song The Rest of Our Life. Songwriters Sean Carey and Beau Golden allege that Sheeran "blatantly copied" their melody for  "When I Found You" which they wrote for Jasmine Rae in 2014.

TMZ reports that Ed is now asking the judge on the case to throw the lawsuit out, stating that The Rest of Our Life is an "originally and independently created musical composition" and calling Carey and Golden's allegations "baseless".

Check out both songs below and let me know what you think - do you hear the melodic similarities?? Do you think Ed copied their song?

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