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Bobby Bones helps Roseville teen reach fundraising goal

I hopped on Twitter during my show today and saw one of our listeners, Krystal, tag us in a tweet about Bobby Bones donating to her daughters fundraising efforts for St. Baldrick's and their mission of funding childhood cancer research.

This brightened my day for 2 reasons. 1 - we have the best morning show in the country and Bobby and his crew prove that time and time again with their generosity!! 2 - Zoe sounds like an amazing girl who is working hard to fundraise for St. Baldricks! Her mom says shes the only girl in her class who wants to shave her head for the cause. You can support Zoe's fundraising here!!

While she has hit her goal, all the money contributes to Oakmont High School's overall goal of $5,000 - let's help em out! Way to go Zoe, you are gonna do great things!! Proud to have you as part of our Bull Nation and Bobby's BTeam.

UPDATE March 27:

Bobby spoke about Krystal and Zoe this morning on the show!! Since Bobby made the donation to Zoe, he was worried that she would win the contest and end up being UPSET that she actually had to shave her head! 

Bobby talks about donating to Roseville teen Zoe

Considering this tweet Zoe sent Bobby from her mom's account, I dont think he has anything to worry about! Sounds like Zoe is a confident young girl who's ready to shave her head for those in need!! Very very admirable! 

UPDATE on March 29:

It has been so fun to hear more of this story over the course of this week! Yesterday morning Bobby was able to get Krystal and Zoe on the phone to ensure that Zoe really did want to shave her head and is glad she won the competition! Check out their conversation in the audio below. 

Huge shoutout to the #BTeam members that have donated to Zoe as well! She absolutely obliterated her $500 goal - she currently sits at over $1400 in donations because of our amazing and generous listeners! You still have time to contribute by clicking here!

Bobby talks to Zoe

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