Toys R Us Liquidation Sales to Begin Tomorrow

While it's sad news that Toys R Us plan to close nearly 800 stores, mainly because it means 30,000+ people will lose jobs, it means there are deals to be had in the store's final days.

USA Today reports that the chain shared a timetable for the store closings in a court hearing on Tuesday, saying they plan to begin liquidation sales on Thursday March 22, and conclude them by the end of June, or until the stores are out of inventory. 

It sounds like the discounts will start at about 25% off, and get steeper as time goes on. However - inventory of course will get more sparse. So if you spot something you want - its best to take advantage as soon as its at a price you're comfortable with, because it may not be around for a steeper discount.

Some shoppers have even spotted Apple products like Apple TVs and iPods on big discounts at Toys R Us locations.

Other shoppers pointed out that you can even stock up on everyday items like diapers - there are also big discounts on strollers and other baby gear. 

There are 10 locations in the Sacramento and surrounding area - so get to shopping, and remember to be extra nice to sales associates!! Working retail is hard enough without having an expiration date on your job. 

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