Album preview: Jordan Davis 'Home State'

If you listen to my show regularly (catch me Monday-Saturday 10a-3p!) you have likely heard me gush about Jordan Davis. He is definitely one of my favorite new country artists, his debut single "Singles You Up" had me hooked from the very first time I heard it. So I was real excited to hear his debut album 'Home State' which officially drops this Friday March 23 on MCA Nashville. I was lucky enough to get an early preview of the album so I figured I'd share my thoughts to help get you hyped for the album release!

The album was produced by Paul DiGiovanni, which I was surprised by because I used to love Paul's band Boys Like Girls! Jordan had a hand in writing every song on the record, which I feel helps make it more cohesive and sound so authentic. 

If you like Jordan's lead single, Singles You Up, I have a feeling you will really enjoy Take It From Me, More Than I Know, and Dreamed I Did. I could hear any of those upbeat infectious tracks becoming his next radio single!!

The softer tracks on this record are the ones that really grabbed my attention though. I love the clever lyricism on Sundowners. I give the award of sexiest track on the record to Selfish. It's very sultry, and a stand out track in my opinion. The last 5 tracks on the record almost tell a full love story - from wanting to be Selfish with a girl's time in the beginning, to really falling for her and the details that make her perfect in Made That Way, appreciating the simple things in So Do I, then wishing there was more to it in Dreamed You Did, and finally, not being able to handle constant reminders of her in Leaving New Orleans.

Overall, I think this is an incredibly strong debut record from Jordan! Every song is beautifully written and composed, there are catchy tracks, emotional tracks, and everything in between. I can't wait to see what the rest of 2018 brings for Jordan - including a tour with Jake Owens that will stop in Sac on Sept. 14 at Raley Field! 

Favorite Tracks: Sundowners, Selfish, Take It From Me

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