Carly Pearce Details The Heartbreak That Inspired 'I Hope You're Happy Now'

Carly Pearce Details The Heartbreak That Inspired 'I Hope You're Happy Now'

Carly Pearce announced that her upcoming sophomore album will feature fellow country singer, Lee Brice. The two collaborate on a heartbreaking song called, "I Hope You're Happy Now," written by Pearce herself alongside Luke Combs, Jonathan Singleton and Randy Montana.

Pearce, who is now happily engaged to Michael Ray, recently opened up about a previous relationship, which she revealed she had to end because of her strong feelings for Ray.

"I want people to know: Yes, I fell in love. And yes, there's going to be those songs," Pearce shares with ABC News Radio. "But in the process of falling in love, I have hurt someone else. I broke somebody else's heart a few years ago, and had to figure out some things in my own life that maybe weren't serving me well."

The experience serves as Pearce's inspiration behind "I Hope You're Happy Now." The country singer goes on to say explain that her new album will be just as transparent as her first, Every Little Thing.

"In the way that my first record was very unapologetically honest, this one is, too," she says. "And with that, there's still going to be those heartbreak songs. There's still going to be those vulnerable moments. There's confessions, there's all kinds of things on this record that I feel like dive a little bit deeper."

Pearce goes on to hint at a few possible duets in addition to "I Hope You're Happy Now" with Brice. Fans seem to think that her soon-to-be hubby will likely be featured on the album, although nothing has been officially confirmed.

"I Hope You're Happy Now" will drop on September 27 and her new album is expected in 2020. She's currently out on the road wrapping up the "Ride All Night Tour" with Jason Aldean and Kane Brown.


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