#TBT: The Funniest Classic Game Show Moments Ever

Game shows that first hit TV screens decades ago are back on the airwaves. New versions of Family Feud and The Match Game have been on for a little while now, but ABC also just brought back Card Sharks and Press Your Luck. While the new editions of the classic shows will surely create some fun TV moments, they probably won't be able to top some of the hilarious clips that came from the originals. We've compiled just a handful of those epic moments for you to either re-live or enjoy for the first time.

The Price Is Right's Most Memorable Contestant Coming On Down

In June of 1977, The Price Is Right announcer Johnny Olson called a contestant named Yolanda to come on down to Contestant's Row. Little did he know her short trip from her seat to in front of the stage would become one of the show's most fabled moments. As host Bob Barker later said, "She came on down, they came on out!"

Funniest Family Feud Answer

When a Family Feud contestant named Cathy was asked in the Fast Money Round, "During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?" she really had only nine possible answers to choose from since a pregnancy is nine months lonh. However, Cathy thought outside of the box - a little too far outside of the box. So much so that host Richard Dawson had to stop the clock because he was in hysterics.

The Match Game Host Misspeaks

These days, The Match Game is hosted by Alec Baldwin, but from when it first debuted in 1962 up until 1982, it was hosted by Gene Rayburn. On one episode in the 70s, the always smiling Gene introduced a contestant named Karen by trying to ask her competition, "Doesn't she have pretty dimples?" However, thanks to what was likely a Freudian slip, what wound up coming out was very different and now lives in game show history.

The Newlywed Game Contestant's Self-Own

A contestant on The Newlywed Game named Rick managed to not only put himself in the doghouse with his wife, but humiliate himself on national TV at the same time. The overly confident husband was asked about the most suspicious thing he ever left around his house that his new wife just happened to discover. He commented on how hard the question was because he's "slick," but the look on his wife's face showed he might not be, and what happened next only proved it.

"That Moment" From The Newlywed Game

Perhaps the funniest game show moment of all time also came from The Newlywed Game. A female contestant was asked, "Where specifically is the weirdest place you ever have gotten the urge to make whoopee." She clearly didn't fully understand the question, but her answer is the stuff legends are made of.

BONUS: Catch Phrase Banana

Sometimes the British would take an American show and do their own version of it. That's what happened with Catch Phrase, and they wound up with an amazing blooper because of it. In the clip, contestants get to see parts of a puzzle and have to guess what the puzzle is trying to depict. Well one puzzle really seemed like it was showing something NSFW, and the more of the puzzle that was shown, the more NSFW it looked, and the funnier it became.

If you need a game show fix, be sure to tune in to ABC on Wednesday and Sunday nights to see Card Sharks, Press Your Luck, The Match Game, Family Feud, $100,000 Pyramid and more.

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