A Powerful Storm Carried Dirt From Texas Where Mixed With Snow In Minnesota

People living in Minnesota are no strangers to April blizzards, but a recent snow storm left them scratching their heads. As the major storm system buried parts of the central United States in snow, many residents were concerned when the usually pristine white snow had a strange brown-colored tint.

People shared photos on social media of the dirty snow and wondered if it was safe.

Top inch or snow this morning is reddish brown, like bits of frozen iced tea are mixed in. Top soil mixed in with frozen rain?

It turns out the snow was mixed with dirt that came from Texas and New Mexico. According to the National Weather Service, the massive storm picked up the dirt and blew it thousands of miles north where it mixed with the snow before finally falling to the ground.

Officials say while the snow may look dirty, it is harmless, though they don't recommend trying to eat it.

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