Woman Leaps To Safety Moments Before A Faulty Escalator Could Maim Her

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When you're at the mall, do you take the stairs or the elevator? Or do you go for the in between and hop on the escalator?

Personally, I'm partial to the escalator. It's always moving, so you don't have to wait for it to reach your floor, and taking the stairs can be hard if you have a lot of bags with you or even kids.

But for one family in Singapore, a routine ride on an escalator almost turned into a serious disaster.

Stomper Tran Huu Minh was with his 4-year-old daughter and the girl's nanny when they were passing through a local mall on their way back from picking up the daughter from school. Usually they take the stairs, but the young girl was tired so she was in a stroller.

"Usually she (his daughter) would walk with me. But yesterday she was sleepy, so she was in the pram," said Mr. Tran, who works in the IT sector.

But that one decision could have cost them everything.

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